What is the IT Program Management?

What is the IT Program Management?

What is the IT Program Management?

IT program management is the process of managing the development of multiple and related IT projects.

Understanding the IT Program Management

IT program management is primarily implemented in government and large enterprises having a number of IT projects in development. The key objective behind all such projects is to reach a bigger goal. For example, for an IT health care program, IT program management may include developing one or more key health care applications, upgrading network infrastructure, implementing cloud computing technologies and similar projects. IT program management is generally overseen by an IT program manager with multiple IT project managers working under them.

Program managers also help to drive organizational change by helping with agile transformations, including helping to implement DevOps practices and principles. Program managers may align program management practices and processes with agile values such as collaboration, team autonomy and empowerment, delivering value to customers, and adapting to change in the moment. A program manager can bring agile and DevOps to life for teams across large programs or individual projects by tailoring programs to the specific requirements and opportunities of the business.

In conclusion

The Program Management Institute notes that “organizations with mature program management are far more successful than those without it.” That’s because program management allows organizations to achieve better alignment with strategic goals, management of project interdependencies, better resource management, and more.