Lean, Design Thinking & Innovation


Bridging Business and Technology Gap through Innovation

To stay competitive today, organizations must seamlessly scale to offer rich user experiences based on deep insights into the fluctuating demands of the market. We at IDS Logic, a leading software development agency create digital solutions to optimize operations, boost revenues and reduce the overall business cost. Being one of the top outsourcing companies in India, our expert perspective on latest technologies and tools help business owners to rethink the transformation as a key to success.

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What Is Lean Innovation? 

Lean innovation is focused on increasing efficiency by capturing customer feedback early and often and minimizing waste in the product development cycle. The process prioritizes experimentation over elaborate planning, and celebrates continuous, incremental improvement.

Tucker Marion, an associate professor in Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business and director of the Master of Science in Innovation program, defines lean innovation as a combination of three main methodologies:

  • The ability to identify new opportunities through the use of design thinking
  • The ability to quickly, and with fewer resources, develop, prototype, learn, validate, and improve business solutions

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  • The ability to apply lean processes, which enable teams to reduce waste, make incremental improvements, and eliminate the bureaucracy that often hinders innovation

“Where companies have trouble is seeing the funnel of what ideas they should be working on,” Marion says. “With lean innovation, you’re developing concepts and testing them in a very rapid way.”

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking combines the problem solving routes of design with a hyper focus on users. Truly empathising with what else the user is doing, where they are using a product, what their motivations are and what they are trying to achieve by using a product.

Design Thinking looks at having a beginners mindset and approach to problems, so you can explore every possible avenue, having lots of possibilities and not being closed or judgemental of ideas. It’s about having not only empathy with our end users but also having a human centred approach to the way we design and work as a team, to uncover deep needs and unmet needs. Design Thinking allows the team to define a problem with a specific point of view and then be able to reframe a problem by using a different point of view. Ultimately allowing the team to ideate and generate innovative solutions by democratising design through testing hypothesis and prototypes.