Software Outsourcing

Vietnam software outsourcing: Why it is a good choice?

India and China, have established themselves as leaders in the field. However, the picture of outsourcing services has changed. Several new countries, including Vietnam, are becoming the rising stars in the IT outsourcing market. With strong investment from giant tech companies in the development of a skilled technical workforce, Vietnam is showing to be a promising destination for technology generally and for software outsourcing services particularly. Here is why Vietnam software outsourcing will achieve a top position in global software outsourcing in the very near future.

What are the advantages of Vietnam's engineering workforce in software outsourcing?

For many foreign companies, software outsourcing to Vietnam is regarded as an effective software development solution due to its cost-effectiveness and high quality. When compared to developing software in the United States, companies can save up to 90% of costs by outsourcing to Vietnam.

Software Development Roles and Responsibilities in Outsourcing


When starting a software development project, we want our team to consist of experienced and skilled individuals, professionals who know all the ins and outs of their craft. But hiring good specialists doesn’t necessarily mean they will form a good team or establish a truly effective software development process.