Top Things to Remember When Choosing Odoo


If you and your business are looking for a great enterprise resource program (ERP) to help you go to the next level, there are some really great reasons why you should consider Odoo as a top choice.

Odoo is already one of the most popular ERP solutions on the market. Without a doubt there are countless business owners that depend on Odoo on a daily basis. But why?

If you are curious to learn about some of the top reasons why you should hire an Odoo developer, continue reading to learn about some of its top benefits.

Odoo Implementation - Basics of the QuickStart Methodology


This document summarizes Odoo Online’s services, our Success Pack implementation methodology, and best practices to get started with our product.

The SPoC (Single Point of Contact) and the Consultant

Within the context of your project, it is highly recommended to designate and maintain on both sides (your side and ours) one and only single person of contact who will take charge and assume responsibilities regarding the project. He also has to have the authority in terms of decision making.

Odoo Website SSO



Why manage multiple credential databases for each Odoo website when one can help?

If you want to accomplish the same then just go for the Odoo Website Single Sign-on Module. Single Sign-on in Odoo Website facilitates your customers to access multiple Odoo websites with single login credentials.

Are you looking for an appropriate solution to let your customers log in to all your websites with credentials of one primary website? If yes then here, you have got what you were looking for.