Increasing Transparency and Automation to Compress the Competition

Increasing Transparency and Automation to Compress the Competition

Country: Finland
Industry: Direct drive Oil-Free air VSD turbo compressors Manufacturing
Implementation Partner: SprintIT
Odoo Account Manager: João Monjardino 
Apps Implemented: PLM, Quality, Inventory, Manufacturing, CRM, Purchase, Invoicing, Subscription, Accounting, Sales, Studio, Website, Project, Documents
Number of Users: 29
Company Size: 32
Implementation Type: On-Premise
About Tamturbo Plc

​Tamturbo has been developing, manufacturing and selling oil-free Turbo compressors since 2010. Operating in one of the compressor capitals of the world, Tampere Finland, the company was founded on the idea that the world needs a more environmentally friendly alternative to producing compressed air. Tamturbo’s unique technological advances combined with ingenious engineering work has brought to life a range of compressors that far surpasses the legacy technologies both in performance and in significantly lowering the life cycle cost. Their Touch-Free™ technology enables reliable and fully Oil-Free design and eliminates risks of compressed air contamination. Though headquartered in Tampere Finland, Tamturbo is expanding its footprint globally through distributors and partners.

​Learn more about Tamturbo Plc at:

​Learn more about Tamturbo Plc at:

 A Need for a New Business Process

​In the headquarters of Tamturbo, operations are mainly focused on final assembly. The company has a high range of subcontractors manufacturing and delivering components to them, therefore managing the supply chain and timing of each component is crucial to operations for final assembly. 

​Prior to implementing Odoo, Tamturbo used various manual and unallined methods to conduct business operations. Information regarding stock, manufacturing, sales and purchase orders were often recorded in separate places unabling the company to have an overall picture of operations. In addition, employees used to memorise key information such as what had been ordered, where parts were located and how the manufacturing is done. When the responsible person was out of office, it became difficult for the remaining employees to know the latest developments and what had been previously agreed.

​Finding and connecting the right information at a quick pace was difficult and often led to processes being repeated multiple times. Tamturbo was in need of a new business process that was transparent and automated to enable them to shorten the order-to-delivery process, accurately manage supply chain and effectively manage changes when scaling the business. 

 A Need for a New Business Process

Transitioning to Odoo

After extensive research into ERP systems on the market, Tamturbo decided to implement Odoo. To enable the business to achieve transparency and autonomy, Tamturbo with the help of Odoo implementation partner, SprintIT, installed the following apps;

  • Inventory, Manufacturing and Purchasing; enabled the optimization of stock. At any given time Tamturbo knows which components they have and when they are needed which in turn avoids an excess in stock. 
  • CRM and Sales; Tamturbo can now see all open Sales cases which helps in the planning of production and supply. It also helps optimise management's targets and action plans. 
  • Finance; having all data in one system enabled easier reporting and provided essential information to Finance personnel.​

Achieving Transparency and Autonomy 

Since implementing Odoo, Tamturbo has been able to optimize their stock levels and ensure that all components are available when and as required. This is essential to the business as they deal with expensive components which are always procured for upcoming production. For Tamturbo, having BOMs, routes and quality checks in Odoo has made production much smoother. The company has begun to use QR codes in their stock and mobile devices to complete stock moves. 

Prior to installing Odoo, obtaining financial information consisted of generating information from several different systems and Excel sheets that did not coordinate with one another. Now with the Odoo Finance app, the work of the finance personnel is made much easier and there is transparency for all departments.

Henrietta Hako-Rita, Manager of Digital Ecosystem “Odoo has created transparency to our processes. Having the complete offer to delivery process and accounting in one system helps users to find the needed information faster. Data is easy to find and all the related information is available within a few clicks.”.  Henrietta Hako-Rita, Manager of Digital Ecosystem.

​In addition to finance, Tamturbo has also managed to achieve transparency with their customers thanks to the Contact app. The customer master data is in one place and up to date providing a 360 degree view of sales. Overall, Tamturbo values Odoo’s user friendliness, adaptability to business needs and ability to scale and evolve as the business grows and changes. Thanks to Odoo, Tamturbo is now more efficient and has been able to re-shift focus to its core business. 

Antti Kaura, Director of Operations “Odoo makes it possible for smaller companies to operate like bigger companies.”. Antti Kaura, Director of Operations.

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