Top Things to Remember When Choosing Odoo


If you and your business are looking for a great enterprise resource program (ERP) to help you go to the next level, there are some really great reasons why you should consider Odoo as a top choice.

Odoo is already one of the most popular ERP solutions on the market. Without a doubt there are countless business owners that depend on Odoo on a daily basis. But why?

If you are curious to learn about some of the top reasons why you should hire an Odoo developer, continue reading to learn about some of its top benefits.

Odoo Implementation - Basics of the QuickStart Methodology


This document summarizes Odoo Online’s services, our Success Pack implementation methodology, and best practices to get started with our product.

The SPoC (Single Point of Contact) and the Consultant

Within the context of your project, it is highly recommended to designate and maintain on both sides (your side and ours) one and only single person of contact who will take charge and assume responsibilities regarding the project. He also has to have the authority in terms of decision making.

Best of Breed vs. Monolithic Systems: Finding the Best Software Solutions Philosophy


Idioms often find themselves embedded into many aspects of our lives. These phrases are used to drive home a thought or differing point of view. We’ve all heard someone tell us “not to cry over spilt milk” or to “not put the cart before the horse.” If you were having a conversation with someone and had not heard a phrase like this before, you could easily get lost in translation. Similarly, this can occur when you’re looking for a solution plan that fits your business’s needs.

Best of Breed Software & its Pros and Cons


For years, all-in-one software suites were a favorite of corporations around the globe. It seemed convenient that one encompassing system could meet the needs of an entire enterprise. More recently, however, large-scale platforms have given rise to a new trend: best of breed software. 

What does this term mean and how does it apply to your ERP strategy? Read on to discover how it could be the missing link in your business initiative.

Top 10 reasons for ERP Project Failure ?

ERP has changed the way organisations handle their businesses. Successful implementation of ERP systems saves millions of dollars for companies and increase employee satisfactions, customer satisfactions and sustain competitive advantages in the market. Stories of how reputable corporations have failed miserably in implementing ERP and lost millions of dollars in their ERP endures has created a hesitation among companies who are planning to go for an ERP System.


11 common ERP mistakes and how to avoid them

Today’s IT executives have more choices than ever when choosing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. From on-premises systems to cloud-based software-as-a-service to industry-based solutions, there is a dazzling array. And decision makers can feel overwhelmed when trying to determine which features and functions are the most important.