Work smart, not hard - An approach to time-sensitive project management

Limited budgets and resources and outside competitive pressure have increasingly strained the time-line of IT projects and software development efforts. The scope of IT projects has not necessarily changed though. Project teams often have to deliver the same scope with less resources and lower budgets.

Output, outcome and benefits of a project: what are the differences?

Project teams tend to focus their efforts on producing tangible results, the deliverables. But in reality, the project deliverables are the means and not the end, the real goal of the project is to achieve specific final results that lead to measurable benefits. This is why project management uses terms like project ‘outputs’, ‘outcomes’ and ‘benefits’.

4 tips for meeting tough deadlines when outsourcing projects to software vendor

Running a business is demanding and, even with the best employees, you can't do it all. Seasonal workload shifts, new clients or projects, and unexpected problems can overtax your resources and place you at risk of not meeting expectations. Rather than miss deadlines or presenting less-than-perfect work, outsource specific tasks to keep your customers and clients happy.