What is ASP.NET Boilerplate?

This is a simple startup template based on ASP.NET Boilerplate framework and Module Zero. If you need an enterprise startup project, check ASP.NET ZERO .

What is ASP.NET Boilerplate?

ASP.NET Boilerplate is an application framework built on latest ASP.NET Core framework. It makes easy to use authorization, dependency injection, validation, exception handling, localization, logging, caching, background jobs and so on. It's built on already familiar tools like Entity Framework, AutoMapper, Castle Windsor...

ASP.NET Boilerplate implements NLayer architecture (Domain, Application, Infrastructure and Presentation Layers) and Domain Driven Design (Entities, Repositories, Domain/Application Services, DTO's...). Also implements and provides a good infrastructure to implement common software development best practices.

What is Module Zero?

ASP.NET Boilerplate framework is designed to be independent of any database schema and to be as generic as possible. Therefore, It leaves some concepts abstract and optional (like audit logging, permission and setting stores) which requires some data store.

Module Zero implements all fundamental concepts of ASP.NET Boilerplate framework such as tenant management (multi-tenancy), role management user managementauthorization ( permission management ), setting managementlanguage management audit logging and so on.

Module-Zero defines entities and implements domain logic (domain layer) and leaves application and presentation layers to you.

Based on Microsoft ASP.NET Core Identity

Module Zero is based on Microsoft's ASP.NET Core Identity library. It extends user and role managers and implements user and role stores using generic repositories.


Source code

This template is developed open source on Github. You can contribute to the template. https://github.com/aspnetboilerplate/module-zero-core-template