Running Your Own Service Business with Odoo - Everything You Need to Know

Odoo is one of the fastest-growing ERP software that is open-source and operated by a large community of partners and users. It is a comprehensive suite of enterprise applications including sales, customer relationship management (CRM), project management, accounting, and warehouse management. That being said, Odoo ERP customization is essential to meet specific business requirements that are subject to consumer trends and competitive dynamics. Although businesses may have unique requirements, process automation and cost savings are the key objectives of Odoo customization services.

How to run and scale your business with Odoo ERP software?

While there are many advantages to running your own service business, being a one-person company can sometimes be challenging. One of the toughest things about it is that you have to do it yourself: from managing accounts to maintaining an online reputation, managing appointments, sorting out taxes, following leads, and managing social media - the list goes on. Wearing many hats can become nearly impossible very quickly as your business grows.

Increasing Transparency and Automation to Compress the Competition

​Tamturbo has been developing, manufacturing and selling oil-free Turbo compressors since 2010. Operating in one of the compressor capitals of the world, Tampere Finland, the company was founded on the idea that the world needs a more environmentally friendly alternative to producing compressed air. After extensive research into ERP systems on the market, Tamturbo decided to implement Odoo.