Frequently Asked Questions about Odoo

Frequently Asked Questions about Odoo

Is it hard to learn Odoo?

Odoo is the world's easiest all-in-one management software.

Is Odoo better than SAP?

If you run an international enterprise from the Fortune 1000 list and you have to manage thousands or millions of orders daily, then yes, SAP is better than Odoo since it specializes in processing a tremendous amount of data.

Why Odoo is the best ERP?

The advanced business management operations included with Odoo will help the user to run the functionalities more efficiently and reliably which would turn around the company's productivity and profitability to higher scales.

What makes Odoo different?

Odoo ERP is open-source software, previously well-known as OpenERP. It covers a broad array of modules and apps, for example, sales, project management, development, CRM, management of HR, etc. The formation and execution of Odoo ERP let you select from numerous models available in the store

Why is Odoo called a LEGO?

Odoo is not Business Solution. It is Business Framework. Difference: Solution is done for business people, Framework - for technical people. In simple words - Odoo is done by developers and for developers. It doesn't matter if it is Enterprise or Community.

But still…NO! You will still have to adjust small things related to purchasing, pricing, inventory management, and so on.That is why we call Odoo a customizable business framework, rather than a business solution. You can adjust functionality using Odoo as a LEGO bricks. So be sure to find a qualified Odoo integrator – a ‘Lego artist’ for your business.

What is the best thing about odoo?

It’s actually a mix of two things: easy & large scope.

On the management software market, you will find

  • Products with a great usability and a modern interface that users love (Trello, Basecamp, Slack, Xero, etc) but those product only cover one need or department, (and integrating several of them together is a real pain) or
  • products that covers several company needs or departments with great integration level (traditional ERPs like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite) but with a poor user interface and users don’t like them.

What’s unique about Odoo is that it offers the best of the two worlds:

Odoo vs others

What are the benefits of Odoo?

Odoo apps are the biggest turning point for Odoo as technology, Odoo as has a community of developers and software companies all over the world who build Odoo apps and contribute to make the product more powerful with features, Odoo has more than 20000 apps which keeps on increasing with every day.

Advantages of Odoo Custom ERP Development

  • Integrated information among all departments.
  • More efficiency for the business process.
  • Total visibility.
  • Improved Reporting and Planning.
  • Enhanced User Experience.
  • Cost of ERP Software.
  • Customization process.
  • Full participation of users.

Regarding scope of support, what are the disadvantages of Odoo?

Due to limited support servers, Odoo is unable to provide a customer support service that is available at all times for every client. Few clients felt dissatisfied as their issues could not be resolved fast enough. The pricing range of Odoos' training, too, is considered a tad higher for a small-scale organisation.

Is Odoo based on Python?

As well as OpenERP, Odoo is written in Python. It is easy and lightweight software that offers a fully integrated set of apps and takes care of everything from front to back end. Odoo is a leading business application software editor.

How many apps Odoo have?

37 core apps developed by Odoo team and 10,000 apps on the stove developed by the community. 

Some applications are free and others are not free. There are more than 10,000 apps available on the Odoo platform that are all integrated with each other.

How does Odoo make money?

Odoo is a SaaS business that generates around half of its revenue from their cloud offering and the other half from an on-premise solution. While the company also charges one-time setup fees, their average customer generates approximately $235 in recurring revenue each month.

Is Odoo only for SME businesses?

No, that’s not true. When we talk about a medium-sized business, we are talking about a company of up to 250 people. The Odoo portfolio includes companies such as Aristo GroupElton GroupToyota, and many others. We ourselves implemented Odoo for a company that employs 2,000 people.

Is Odoo good for big business?

Odoo provides all essentials your business needs for growth - on one platform. With Odoo, you have all the help you need for your business to thrive. Odoo is built for businesses of all sizes, and the apps or modules you install depend on your business needs. And this is part of what makes it all interesting.

Odoo scales easily and grows with your business. You can start with 5 people and grow to 500 easily. 

Do large companies use Odoo?

More and more prominent corporations currently tend to employ modern ERP to make their business processes smoother and eradicate any data leakage. The Odoo system perfectly meets these needs. For this reason, many leading companies in their areas have chosen Odoo ERP for business process management.

Top 8 Successful Companies Using Odoo in 2022

  • Тoyota. Toyota is world-famous as the manufacturer of the highest-quality cars that set a particular standard for the global market.
  • Delmonte Quality.
  • Sodexo.
  • The World Wide Fund.
  • Kasetsart University.
  • Advanced Biological Laboratories.
  • Bazile Telecom.
  • Qatar Investment Authority.

What is the cost of Odoo for my business?

This is a huge question that deserves a separate article. But let’s try to understand how the Odoo implementation cost is formed. The Odoo implementation price has three main parts:

  • The cost of an Enterprise contract that is paid annually.
  • Project implementation cost before going live.
  • The costs of maintaining and improving the system throughout the entire use period.

Why should I hire a dedicated Odoo developer for my business?

  1. Affordable: When you employ a committed Odoo specialist or engineer from a leading Odoo Development company from the low-end countries such as Vietnam, you have the opportunity to choose the cost effective and highly skilled professionals. 
  2. Less infrastructure costs: With offshoring, the dedicated Odoo developers utilize the physical assets of their organization, so there is no compelling reason to put resources into extra PCs, work areas, and some other office gear which can add to the general expense of your task.
  3. Best expertise: The reasons behind choosing the dedicated Odoo developers are the cost of production, the flexibility of work, future customizations, etc. Outsourcing Odoo support provides businesses with access to expert knowledge and experience. Odoo support providers have a team of professionals who specialize in managing Odoo software. They have the experience and knowledge to quickly identify and resolve software issues. Support providers also stay up to date with the latest software updates and industry trends. This allows businesses to stay ahead of the competition and remain competitive in their industry. 
  4. Full control over your solution: You can have the support and reporting for all that they are doing and can keep an eye on their development in their Odoo upgrades.
  5. Scaling is a breeze: Hire a dedicated Odoo Developer enables you to effortlessly include or evacuate engineers depending on your undertaking prerequisites, giving you adaptability on your planning and augmenting your cost productivity.

Odoo is released each year. Is upgrading complicated?

This is actually a big pain point for our customers. With new updates Odoo usually releases serious improvements for some particular parts of the system and makes performance improvements. 

But remember that we are not talking about mobile app updates. ERP is the core system in your company. 

So, the upgrade process is stressful for all involved, and it will consume much time and money.

It's highly recommended that you upgrade every two versions. But in general, your Odoo Integrator can decide when upgrades are reasonable. “

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