How has a PMP certification helped you?

PMP is the gold standard and most reputed project management certification in the world. Currently I am working as a project manager and the knowledge gained during PMP preparation has helped me a lot in my professional work. How did PMP helped me ? The answer is as follows:

At work

  1. I have gained a lot of knowledge about project management framework, methodologies and basic guidelines of how to successfully manage a project.
  2. I have learned how to create a project charter, project management plan and how to monitor and control the project effectively.
  3. It has helped me in defining project scope and controlling the scope according to the project specifications and plan.
  4. I am able to plan, make, manage and control project schedule in an efficient manner, which has helped me to complete the project within allocated time.
  5. PMP gave me the knowledge about making project budget and controlling it according to the budget allocated. This kept the costs of the project in check and contributed towards overall success of the project.
  6. As a project manager, i am better equipped with knowledge about project quality planning, quality assurance and control throughout the project. This helped me in the better quality of final product as well as improvement in project working.
  7. I have learned to plan project’s HR requirements, how to handle them and resolve conflicts between them, how to lead as a project manager and how to keep the HR strategy aligned with the project itself. So that there will be no wastage of time or costs.
  8. I have the knowledge on how to make a communication plan, what is the importance of communication in a project, what, how, when and whom i should be communicating during the project.
  9. l have got great tool of understanding, accessing and analyzing all the risks during the lifetime of project. You will be able to devise mitigation strategies for them and will have the right information to make a comprehensive risk management plan.
  10. PMP gave me right knowledge and tools to identify different stakeholders in a project, their roles and impact, and how to make a comprehensive plan on managing and controlling effective engagement with them.
  11. I have good understanding of what are procurement in context of a project, what are their types, which type is suitable for which situation and how to effectively conduct, control and closes procurement in a project.
  12. Finally, PMP gave me knowledge on how to formally close a project, what are the steps and what is the importance of a proper project closing.

In professional life

As a PMI member and PMP I have great chances for collaborating and networking with other project management professionals around the world, which can certainly increase my chances of professional success and development. I am ahead of other project management professionals, in terms of knowledge as well as its application in the field of project management.


In conclusion, PMP will give me great amount of knowledge in all domains of a project which helped me in effective management of my projects. I am able to control scope, schedule cut costs and many other aspects of a project which contribute towards its success. I have joined world’s largest community of project management professionals which has greatly helped me in every aspect of my job. Overall PMP greatly helped me in becoming a successful project manager.