Difference between Set-based development and point-based development

1. Point-based Design

Figure 1: Unstable time frame for point-based design

2. Set-based development

Definition:  a design, analysis, and decision-making practice characterized by:

  • not selecting a particular values for design decisions but rather analyzing the full set of possibilities, not as a finite collection of a few points, but as an infinite set of points

  • rather than trying to “pick the best”, instead trying to “eliminate the weak”

How Your Business Should Profit of Lean Software Development?

In the era of software- “revolutions” arise monthly. Nevertheless, every once in a while, essential innovations do appear on the web, and it’s difficult for them to trim down through all the clamor to seize your notice.

Therefore, today, we, the TIGO Software teamwill highlight one of them; Lean software development – a groundbreaking methodology that has completely revamped the whole stream of Value in IT and yet, unfortunately, remained unknown to a lot of business

Lean Software Product Development in 4 Phases

Lean Software Product Development in 4 Phases — Scio

When you develop software products in a repeatable, production fashion, you have to step back occasionally and take the long view so you can properly discuss the process with clients. We’ve been involved in that exercise recently and I thought it might be useful to share the what and why of our approach to software product development for online products.

First, there is one basic idea that informs all of this:

The Keys to Lean Communication – Improving the Process

Communication is something we do for most of the day in our personal and professional lives; yet most of us work on it less than our other skills. We’re taught about proper communication all through school and even into our college education. We’ve all been in a classroom where the teacher has stressed the importance of clear communication. Most of us have heard the idea “listening is the most important part of communication;” but how many of us continue to work on our communication skills as an ongoing process?

Lean and Mean Software Development

As per definition of Lean and mean: Ready, able, and willing to work hard and achieve the desired results, especially in an efficient or dominant manner.

What is Lean Organization?

A lean organization creates more value for customers with fewer resources. It understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste.

Lean Testing: Know what is it and How to Implements it!

A typical testing process or methodology has lot of padding and extra burden that makes it heavy weight and bulky. If we somehow eliminate the non essential or wastes then we end up with lean testing.

The simplest way to describe Waste is as “Anything that adds no Value.” These wastes are included within the cost of your products or services. Either inflating the production cost or eating up the profit of the company.

Lean & Innovation

Bridging Business and Technology Gap through Innovation

To stay competitive today, organizations must seamlessly scale to offer rich user experiences based on deep insights into the fluctuating demands of the market. We at IDS Logic, a leading software development agency create digital solutions to optimize operations, boost revenues and reduce the overall business cost.