OutSystems - Low Code Platform

OutSystems - Low Code Platform


OutSystems is a robust and flexible low-code platform intended for the development of enterprise mobile and web applications that are deployed in local or hybrid environments.

A low-code development platform (LCDP) is software that provides developers with an environment used to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming. LCDPs reduce the amount of traditional handwritten code and ensure faster application development, installation, and deployment. A common advantage is that LCDPs have a smoother learning curve as compared to most programming languages and, accordingly, more people can participate in development.


OutSystems benefits

In addition to the high level of application support and operation safety, developers highlight the following benefits of this platform:

  • Maximum development speed. Visual programming allows creating fully-functional applications very quickly and then sending them to the server with a single click.
  • Integration with everything. OutSystems makes it possible to effectively integrate applications with any environment. The platform generates all methods and data structures for the integration with SOAP and REST services and SAP systems. Initially, there is connection with the following main database systems: SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, MySQL, and DB2 iSeries. Connectors for the most popular cloud, storage services and social networks are available in OutSystems Forge.
  • Great UI/UX by default. A large number of beautiful and ready-to-use interface templates, excellent performance, and a feature-rich drag-and-drop editor.
  • Unlimited code. It is possible to extend both the front-end and the back-end of an application with your own code.
  • Excellent vertical and horizontal scalability. You can add supplementary processing power and interface servers to any production environment with no difficulties. It helps achieve high availability when user load, business logic complexity, batch processing amount or the number of transactions increase.

Build rapidly Web Applications with the Outsystems free edition

OutSystems is a high-performance low-code platform that achieves serious productivity, creating serious apps with continuous innovation. Every aspect of OutSystems is designed from the ground up to help organizations develop, deliver, and evolve compelling applications that drive innovation at the pace that business requires. Visual development tools and automation powered by AI help customers tackle strategic challenges such as application modernization, workplace innovation, business process automation, and customer experience transformation. OutSystems ensures that solutions are secure, resilient, cloud-ready, and built to scale.

  • High-performance low-code development is an approach to creating software with radical productivity and exceptional app experiences designed for continuous evolution and change.
  • While low-code is a growing software development approach for creating apps fast, high-performance low-code blends power and speed with security and scale, allowing IT leaders and developers to build, deploy, and manage applications that can transform their business.
  • The OutSystems high-performance low-code platform is designed to unleash innovation from across an organization – whether large enterprises or small-to-medium businesses – enabling them to build serious applications that solve their biggest business challenges.