Managing Project Execution Terms

Managing Project Execution Terms

Project execution

The process of carrying out the project plan to accomplish the required work.

Monitoring progress

The process of keepint track of all project tasks and the details surounding each one.

Project kickoff meeting

A ceremonial meeting marking the beginning of a project in a very public and memorable way.

People related mistakes

system development mistakes arising from adding people too late to a project, lack of necessary skills, or unrealistic expectations.

Process related mistakes

System development mistakes arising from insufficient planning, overly optimistic schedules, or planning to catch up later.

Product related mistakes

system development mistakes arising from feature creep and requirements gold-plating.

Technology related mistakes

system development mistakes arising from overestimating savings from new tools or methods or the silver bullet syndrome.

Silver bullet syndrome

a problem occuring when developers believe a new and usually untried technology is all that is needed to cure the ills ofany development project.

Feature creep

the tendency of systems requirements to change over the lofetime of the development project

Requirements gold-plating

adding more requirements than necessary to an application, even before the befinning of a project

Managing change

The process of dealing with change requests during project execution.

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