Private APIs vs. Open APIs


One of the key considerations that should guide both your API business strategy and your interface architecture is the distinction between open and private APIs. An interface is defined as open or private depending on whether it targets external or in-house developers. In this lesson, we explain the distinction in detail and explore ways it may impact your API program.

Open API Roadmap – From Strategy to Execution


Successful execution of an API strategy requires forming a solid link between business strategy, technology implementation and culture and process.

The rise of platforms such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and Alibaba, and their disruption of industries such as media, music, publishing and retailing have led many established enterprises to consider how to position themselves for growth (or even survival) in the digital era.

Odata and REST APIs — A Comparison


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Are you curious about what is REST and OData? Then, this article is for you. In it, you will find an explanation of what is REST, how it is applied to the construction of RESTful APIs; what is OData and how it is used to build web services, and the differences between the two.

Brief comparison

The table below summarizes the main similarities and differences between REST APIs and OData Services.