Odoo Website SSO



Why manage multiple credential databases for each Odoo website when one can help?

If you want to accomplish the same then just go for the Odoo Website Single Sign-on Module. Single Sign-on in Odoo Website facilitates your customers to access multiple Odoo websites with single login credentials.

Are you looking for an appropriate solution to let your customers log in to all your websites with credentials of one primary website? If yes then here, you have got what you were looking for.

Odoo Website SSO (Single Sign On)


Odoo Website SSO(Single Sign On)

Why generate different credentials if the Single Sign-on can help?

Single Sign-on(SSO) is an authentication process that facilitates user to access multiple applications with single login credentials. For Single Sign-on, it requires OAuth which is the industry-standard protocol for authorization. OAuth helps to make the procedure safer.

Now, even Odoo Users can use Single Sign-on Feature in their Odoo Websites.

Single Sign-on vs. Federated Identity Management


What is Single Sign-on (SSO)?

Single sign-on, or SSO, allows a user to access multiple applications using a single set of credentials. This capability can be applied to both employees and customers to streamline their login experiences. Typically, employees sign on to multiple business applications to do their jobs, such as messaging and email accounts, HR functions, intranet sites, financial records, etc. With SSO, they can access all of the resources they need with one set of login credentials, eliminating the need to remember or enter a unique password for each account.

Checklist for Single Sign-On Systems


Basic single sign on requirements (checklist)

It’s critical that your SSO solution meets the basic requirements to support employees and IT needs. That means a secure solution and one with high usability. But remember that SSO is only part of your identity and access management solution. Digital transformation today relies on an Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform that includes SSO as well as other tools like MFA and directory integration.