Software Development Consulting

5 Advantages of Dedicated Teams on Software Development Projects

When clients explore options for a software development project, a factor that greatly influences the choice of the vendor is pricing.

And while numbers and figures get most of the attention, there’s little talk about the different approaches to pricing – and which one is better suited for what kind of project.

Pricing options for software development projects

Here are the most common approaches to pricing development agencies take when estimating a software development project:

8 most common reasons for a conflict between a client and a software house

A productive relation between you and the software house needs to be profesional and built and mutual understanding. It is not a typical sales relation like that between the shopkeeper and a customer. Not only is is longer-lasting but also requires greater commitment. The IT consultant gets to know your needs and certain details relating to your business. You want to believe your intentions will be correctly understood and the developed solution built in accordance with them. What if the client-software house relation comes into a conflict? It may lead to failure of the whole project.