Quality Management

The Kaizen Approach to Software Development


The technology industry works on a continuously evolving mechanism, with new advancements every day. While many product development companies are more focused on producing results, a few actually believe in the importance of creative practices in the organization.

The Japanese word ‘kaizen’ means a business philosophy of continuous improvement is working practices. A healthier practice is for businesses to invest in the improvement of the process and people rather than the end product, which is bound to give better results.

5 TQM Practices That Software Development Firms Must Employ

Software Development is a time and resource consuming and thus, a very costly process. Any compromise in the quality of software provided to the client can spoil the whole effort on the part of the development firm. It costs the firm heavily not just on time and human resource involved, but can also jeopardize the reputation of the development firm overall, thereby affecting their future business prospects.