Requirements Elicitation

What is user story?

A user story is a tool in Agile software development used to capture a description of a software feature from a user's perspective. The user story describes the type of user, what they want and why. A user story helps to create a simplified description of a requirement.

Case Studies - Elicit Requirements Successfully


This case study will take us through the different scenarios in the day of the business analyst and demonstrate the challenges, also I have discussed the solution to those challenges based on the success elements and the business analysis best practices that I specified in the article ‘’ Practical approach to elicit requirements successfully.

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Practical Approach To Elicit Requirements Successfully


Project statistics state that most project rework/failure is due to incomplete/improper/unclear requirements, hence the role the Business Analyst becomes even more critical as they shoulder a huge responsibility of eliciting and collaborating with the stakeholders to obtain clear, concise and complete requirements.

The elicitation and collaboration knowledge area focuses on drawing forth or receiving information from stakeholders and other sources by directly interacting with stakeholders, researching topics, experimenting or simply being handed information.