Why choose Vietnam for software outsourcing in next decade 2021-2030?

TIGO Solutions is an outsourcing provider specializing in software development. We provide customers in developed countries with great solutions to help your business save costs on each project and long-term development. We can act as a bridge to seek the talents in cutting-edge technologies: AI, blockchain, VR etc. We'll build the professional environment with mature project management processes to help the talented engineers shine.

Why outsource to Vietnam?

1. Vietnam offers flexible pricing options

- The significant cost savings that companies can achieve. This is mainly because of the wide gap that exists between personnel costs in Vietnam and that of the developed countries. For example, a good engineer in the US can cost anywhere from $30 to $40 (for a full-time staff depending on skills and experiences).

In comparision, the hourly cost of an engineer in Vietnam can be negotiated down to as low as $10 per hour. This pricing flexibility allows companies the freedom and creativity in managing their budget and helps them achieve large profits as well as long-term support with relative cheap costs.

2. Vietnam provides consistent high-quality services

While the cost factor plays a huge role in outsourcing, the consistently high quality provided by many Vietnamese outsourcing firms has also enabled Vietnam to remain as the top outsourcing destination in Asia. There are various tech edu centers in Hanoi, HCMC and Danang city opening to equip the engineers with skills: Kaizen, Kanban, TQM, OKR ... The truth behind this: Vietnamese people has real impression with the success of Japan firms such as Toyota.

Reflected on the trend commonly seen among international companies who choose Vietnam as their preferred outsourcing destination.

3. Vietnam has large, young, talented engineers

Vietnam remains the impressiveness when it comes to its vast pool of skilled and talented human resources. The country has a population of over 98 million people and around 200 thousand graduates joins the workfoce each year.

The attraction of Vietnam for you is not only numbers but, more importantly the quality of the talent. We've taken on people who are innovative, passonate and meticulous, that is why companies choose Vietnam among other countries for their outsourcing needs.

During 2010-2020, it's not easy to find the seasoned managers as it's fairly young industry. Now the managers are well-trained and skillful. Their English is improved as well. The salary of project manager in Vietnam is high, as twice as the developer's average salary. This wide gap exists because project manager has many skills that a developer lacks: management, QC and risk management, scope and schedule, Agile/Scrum, BA etc.

4. Vietnam is ready for all kinds of development works

A decade ago, Vietnam is great for maintenance, QA, small projects, front-end work, bug fixing etc. Steping in new decade, Vietnam engineers are able to take more difficult tasks, including software architecture, backend (API, core features), AI, VR, Big data etc. Most young engineers were born during 1990-2000 and raised in the English learning environment. They're all equiped with soft skills learn through crash courses, video tutorials etc.